Integrated with a Variety of Connected Health Devices

The 90Health platform is integrated with a variety of connected health devices, including blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, smart watches, spirometers and asthma inhalers for continuous monitoring of patients. The AI powered platform collects and analyzes this data on a 24/7 basis and sends alerts to providers when patients symptoms begin to escalate allowing clinicians to better titrate dosages of medications, make the proper referrals, adjust treatment plans quicker, and bill for more services.

Data we Collect

Supercharged Telemedicine

90Health offers clinicians a custom branded virtual clinic with a full-suite of practice management tools including HIPAA secure videoconferencing, patient monitoring, scheduling, online payment, secure messaging, patient assessments, and data analytics.

Increase Patient Retention in Treatment with Health Coaching

Asking patients to remain compliant with treatment recommendations, push-through difficult medication side-effects, and change long-standing unhealthy behaviors can be a difficult task. 90Health makes clinicians' jobs easier by offering patients access to a personal health coach, who can promote treatment adherence and motivate patients to make positive behavior changes. 90Health also offers patients access to a large library of evidence based patient resources and lessons on topics including cognitive behavioral skill-building, coping with medical diagnoses, eating healthy, and managing medication side-effects.

It Pays to Bring 90Health into Your Practice

CMS now pays an additional $200 per patient per month for chronic care management services 99453-99458. Even better, 90Health’s programs have been shown to significantly reduce unnecessary ER visits, and boost patient outcomes for substantially increased quality based reimbursement.

Better Chronic Care Management without Additional Staff

CMS allows nurses and therapists to bill as “incident to” physicians under their general supervision. This enables you to launch an RPM program using an outside organization to provide the services under your supervision. Accordingly, 90Health offers physicians access to our nationwide network of clinicians who can help review patient data, set patients up on connected health devices, and follow-up with patients on your behalf.

Your Solution for Addressing The Costliest Chronic Diseases

Over 50% of consumers have two or more chronic diseases. Enrolling in multiple chronic care programs with different vendors is hard. 90health offers a turnkey solution for all of your employees’ chronic medical conditions.