Over 165 million Americans (52%) have chronic medical conditions like heart disease, asthma, diabetes, obesity, and cancer that account for up to 90% of US medical costs (CDC). Patients struggle with poor symptom management and medication side effects such as chronic pain, respiratory issues, nausea, and headaches. Caregivers struggle to find provider appointments, to help pay for medications, and to offer motivation and emotional support. Employers encounter millions of missed workdays and poor productivity due to the chronic health issues in their workforce. Payers face escalating utilization and medical costs for the specialty care, medications and ED visits of patient with chronic disease.

90Health was founded with the goal of developing innovative solutions to manage and reverse chronic disease. Our programs are based around the simple idea that by changing behaviors, we can help change lives. Most chronic diseases are linked to unhealthy behaviors such as poor medication adherence, lack of exercise, poor diet, high stress, and substance use. 90Health provides patients and their caregivers cognitive behavioral strategies for addressing the behavioral drivers of their medical conditions, and we remote monitor their progress, for radical improvements to patients’ clinical and financial outcomes.

90Health’s mobile and web-based behavior change platform employs digital technology, compassionate human support, and behavioral expertise for breakthrough chronic care solutions. Patients enjoy access to our library of evidence-based cognitive behavioral lessons on topics like unhelpful thinking styles, goal setting, and coping with stressors. 90Health also remote monitors patients’ physical and behavioral conditions via self-report measures and digital biomarkers collected from connected Bluetooth devices, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, sleep, inhaler usage, and more. 90Health proactively alerts the patient and their 90Health coach, therapist, or doctor when intervention is needed for more timely care, and reduced use of the ED. 90Health’s coaches motivate positive behaviors and achievement of goals. 90Health’s licensed therapists help patients work through psychological barriers to improvement, and 90Health’s physicians offer medication management services as needed.

90Health’s platform reflects our leadership team’s decades of senior management experience at some of the nation’s leading specialty health and technology corporations. We invite you to join the 90Heallth community today for breakthrough solutions to chronic disease management through the intersection of behavioral change, digital innovation, and compassionate care.