Population Health Tools

Managing patient relationships, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs are just a few of the challenges experienced by all medical practices. Faced with the objective of taking care of patients with differing needs and illnesses, it is no wonder that healthcare organizations spend billions on chronic care management each year. To address the difficulties that come with managing chronic illnesses across large populations of patients, we’ve created a platform that gives patients the personalized healthcare they deserve.

90Health’s population health management software puts the best interests of patients and healthcare providers first. The 90Health platform facilitates continuous data collection and monitoring of chronic care patients’ medical condition and symptom severity. Even better, providers are able receive clinical alerts when patients’ symptoms begin to escalate, allowing for early intervention. Our AI driven intelligent platform helps providers and health systems manage large populations of patients with little effort. By leveraging these digital tools, healthcare providers are able to increase patient retention in treatment, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. The result is an extended capacity that allows medical institutions to put more time and resources into going beyond just getting the job done.

As a population health management company, we know it can be difficult to use multiple software vendors for all the health management tools you need. That’s why we’ve integrated patient care resources and analytics tools with advanced telemedicine. With these features, healthcare organizations do not need to rely on separate population health management software vendors to achieve exceptional care and reduced costs.

90Health is about managing patient relationships, boosting recovery rates and significantly cutting down on how much organizations spend on treating chronic illness. With the insights gained from our analytics feature, healthcare providers are able to make key decisions on patients’ treatments and progress, while also monitoring the effectiveness of such treatments. At the same time, our advanced telemedicine features make it easier for you to maintain adherence to treatment and encourage patient behavior that pushes them toward recovery. This often means fewer hospitalizations and readmissions, which translates to lower costs for your organization.

Population health tools enable providers and health systems to move away from traditional visit-based care, towards continuous monitoring of patients. New changes from CMS now allow providers to make up to $200 a month through billing for continuous remote patient monitoring codes 99453-99458. Furthermore, better data from in-between visits allows providers to better titrate dosages of medications, tweak ongoing treatment plans, and identify high-risk patients. No matter what types of patients and chronic diseases you’re dealing with, 90Health is designed to make you a better healthcare provider, and to allow your patients to take better care of themselves. Who doesn’t want that?