Digital Health Platform

We believe that the progress and development of healthcare services is heavily reliant on digital transformation. 90Health is all about leveraging the latest technology for improving patient health outcomes. Our digital health platform helps patients adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors, while significantly improving the productivity and efficiency of healthcare organizations.

Digital Health Software that Addresses these Challenges

On any given day, healthcare providers are challenged by limited capacity, skyrocketing costs and poor patient relationships. For the recovery of patients and the sanity of healthcare workers, a digital health program is essential for addressing these demands. 90Health was created to ease the pressure on healthcare providers and to improve clinical outcomes.

Improving Efficiency in Healthcare

Better healthcare means better clinical outcomes and lower costs. Implementing 90Health’s digital health management software at your practice or hospital is a leap towards ensuring that patients are able to receive high quality care. Our platform makes use of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, patient engagement resources, and telemedicine to bring providers closer to their patients. 90Health’s software helps increase patient access to care, and offers healthcare providers better data to enable better clinical outcomes.

Increased Patient Retention in Treatment

90Health’s digital health software has provided clinicians and health systems with a new group of tools to keep patients engaged in long-term treatment. One example are 90Health’s library of evidence based cognitive behavioral skill-building lessons on topics such coping with medical diagnoses, coping with medication side-effects, and adopting a healthier diet. 90Health also matches patients with a personal health coach who can frequently reach out to promote treatment adherence, and to motivate healthy behaviors. With the support of healthcare organizations that implement digital health tools in their practices, patients gain a better understanding of their own conditions, learn to build healthy habits at home, and can better manage their health. 90Health is also about ensuring that patients overcome any psychological barriers that may hinder their recovery. In many situations, this results in fewer hospitalizations and readmissions, which helps to make costs and capacity more manageable for healthcare institutions.